A Secret I Never Told Anyone

I get asked about it all the time.

“Why is it your company stands out more than any of your competitors?”

Well, I have a secret.

And it has to do with a guy named Sinclair Lewis.

Sinclair Lewis was a Nobel Prize-winning writer.

Back in the 1920s, he was going to give a talk at Harvard University on a Saturday morning to kids who wanted to be writers.

Forty-five Harvard students showed up at 10:30 on Saturday morning.

Right at 10:30, Sinclair Lewis, the acclaimed writer, showed up wearing a 3-piece suit and brought with him a very fancy briefcase.

He put his briefcase down, opened it up, took his notes out, and he looked around the room.

He said, “How many of you want to be writers?”

Everybody put their hand up.

He said, “How many really want to be writers?”

Everybody put their hand a little higher.

He said, “How many of you want to make your living by being a writer?”

Everybody put their hand even a little higher.

He said, “Okay. Put your hands down. In that case, go home and write,” and then he closed up his briefcase and left.

That was the end of the seminar.

What does this story have to do with my rug cleaning company?

Well it’s like this.

All lot of what we do to bring in new customers or get previous customers to come back involves the written word.

The ads we write use written words. The information on our websites use written words. The blog posts we post up on our site use written words. The letters we send out to customers and prospects uses written words. The things we write on Facebook uses written words.

Pretty much everything in business involves the written word.

Especially marketing.

Because so much of our communication involves the written word I wanted to find a way to turn words into money.

And here is where my secret comes in. I put out more content than any of my competitors.

A good portion of it ends up on my website.

Why is this so important?

Because the more information I publish on the internet, the more “hooks” I have out there for Google to use to catch the attention of new customers.

In other words, the more ways you communicate with your prospects and the more content your company publishes both online and offline…

…the more ways people will have to find you.

Now there is no way you could do all that writing yourself (heck, you may even hate writing!).

I know because I’m so busy running two businesses there is no way I can do all this writing myself either.

But I found someone who can.

He’s a guy who has really taken what Sinclair Stevens said to heart.

He loves to write.

And he writes.




And damn is he ever good.

He writes for me all the time and his words have made me more money than I can even count.

He has written all my blog posts.

He created 3 websites for me and wrote all the content for them.

He has written for my Facebook.

He has written all my sales pages.

He has written extremely profitable letters that went directly to my customers.

He has written brochures, flyers, ads and other projects all of which have brought in new customers like a magnet.

He also knows this industry inside out which makes him more valuable than any other writer I could find.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because my writer let me know he has an opening for a couple of new clients and is also available to do one-off projects.

He also told me (and this blew me away) he is willing to do free 30 min consultations for anyone on my email list who wants to know if there are ways their company could profit from more written content.

So if you ever wanted

  • better Facebook content or
  • powerful SEO blog posts or
  • killer email campaigns or
  • someone to design and write physical newsletters or
  • create direct mail campaigns or
  • launch a customer reactivation program or
  • have someone provide content for you on a regular basis or

if you just want to know what options might be available…

…you need to book a free consultation with my writer.

All you have to do is reply to this email and I will have him contact you to set up a time for your free consultation.

Remember, he is willing to do one off projects.

So if there is something you always wanted something written but just did not have the time or ability to get it done, now you can.

Just reply back to this email.

Good writers for our industry are hard to find. If you don’t take advantage of this rare opportunity you’ll be missing out on the chance to have lifetime access to your own personal copywriter.

Until tomorrow

Stephen Dusty Roberts