A Brother Like That . . .

A story . . .

He had been working for the A&P for over thirty years.

He’s didn’t have a big job.

He just stocked shelves.

He was really helpful.

He always helped the older people carrying their bags to their car, and when the A&P closed down, he went on unemployment and was kind of lost.

He only lived a couple of blocks from the A&P, in a simple apartment, didn’t own a car, lived by himself, and his only relative that was still alive was his older brother.

Now, his older brother was a totally different story – rich, successful, and whenever he came by, everybody in the neighborhood knew it because this guy had $200,000 cars – Bentleys, Ferraris, the best.

The older brother, knowing that his younger brother was going through a tough time at Christmas, decided to come by and pick him up for breakfast on Christmas morning.

Once again, he showed up in this beautiful, beautiful car, and they went out for breakfast.

After breakfast, the older brother gave him the keys and said, “Could you drive me home?”

He said, “What do you mean?

“You’ll just have to drive me back.” He said,

“No, I don’t so.”

“Merry Christmas. It’s your car.”

The younger brother was stunned.

He never owned a car his whole life and now he has a top of the line Mercedes.

Well, after he drove his brother home, he was out front polishing the car.

It needs a polish, and all the kids and people in the neighborhood were totally amazed.

One of the young boys said, “Where did you get the car?”

He said, “Well, my old brother gave it to me for Christmas.”

The eight year old boy said, “Your older brother gave it to you for Christmas?! What a gift!”

The little boy goes on to say, “Wow, I wish…” and, you can finish up the sentence, “I had a brother like that.”

No, the younger brother said, “I wish I could BE a brother like that.”

Now you may not know it but everyday you are faced with a choice.

The choice to be either the older brother or the younger one.

The only difference between the two is just a matter of vision and commitment.

When you commit to excellence, to a higher standard, to a higher vision of yourself there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it.

History is filled with stories of those who had nothing and made it to the top.

Of people who have major physical disabilities yet achieved so much in life it would shame most able body people.

The secret these people discovered is when they commit and were unwilling to accept anything other than the best in life, they often got it.

And when it comes to area rug cleaning equipment you can either buy cheap and watch it quickly wear out. Or you can commit to the owning the best and get the brand designed to outlast your business.


Stephen Dusty Roberts