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If you're an area rug cleaning companyowner, then Ruglovers College is your key to a successful business. As a member, you'll have access to the most comprehensive training library of marketing strategies & tactics PROVEN to actually work for area rug cleaning businesses.

Marketing Products
You are about to discover a collection of our most popular and effective marketing strategies available for area rug cleaning businesses. These are the exact same strategies I use to dominate the area rug cleaning market in my city.

Business Coaching
Sometimes it's easier and faster to have someone show you exactly what to do get your area rug cleaning company to become successful. If you want to get on the fast track to making your area rug cleaning business highly profitable and/or dominate the market in your city - our coaching program is for you.
Rug Cleaning Equipment
Once you put to use the marketing strategies and tactics you find here at, you're going to get a whole lot busier. That means you'll need equipment to speed up production to keep up with demand. Here is what we recommend.

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Meet The Experts
Stephen “Dusty” Roberts grew up in the in-home carpet cleaning business and saw the opportunity to specialize in oriental rug care back in the mid 90’s. When Dusty’s business took off with the unique marketing strategies he created, there wasn’t any specialized rug care equipment to help him keep up with the demand. So he seized the opportunity to partner with a very smart engineer in Alabama in order to develop and manufacture the world famous RugBadger Brand of rug care equipment. Dusty now travels the world consulting and teaching people how to really profit from rug care. He also hosts with Mr. Barry O’Connell the RugLover coaching program that teaches carpet cleaners exactly how-to market their rug care divisions.
Stephen "Dusty" RobertsLuv-A-Rug Services Inc
Owner of RugBadger Brand of Area Rug Cleaning Equipment
Barry O’Connell is the world’s most popular rug authority. He combines his writing with lecturing, consulting and the appraisals of rugs. This Senior Fellow of the Academy of Oriental Rugs has a remarkable and rich history in the rug industry which includes being an editor of two major rug publications. As well as being a contributing writer to the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia and lecturing on textiles since 2005, Barry also publishes two influential websites ( & and hosts the RugLover coaching program with Stephen “Dusty” Roberts
Barry O'ConnellPosition / Company Name