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Dusty-Roberts-headshot-frameStephen "Dusty' Roberts
 "Stephen “Dusty” Roberts grew up in the in-home carpet cleaning business and saw the opportunity to specialize in oriental rug care back in the mid 90’s.

It took a long time for Dusty’s rug care business to take off. It didn’t get any traction until the day he finally understood what rug owners really wanted and how to give it to them. Over the next few years Dusty developed unique marketing strategies based on his new understanding and which rocketed him to dominate the area rug market in his town.

Those strategies have since been refined down to five core elements that create the foundation of a successful area rug cleaning business.

With greater demand for his rug cleaning services, Dusty could not find any specialized rug care equipment to help him keep up with all the rugs he was getting.

So he seized the opportunity to develop and manufacture the world famous RugBadger Brand of rug care equipment. Dusty is a highly sought after coach and consultant on creating profitable rug care business. He also hosts the weekly RugLovers College program all while running the #1 area rug cleaning operation in his city."

Barry-Oconnell-headshot-frameBarry O'Connell
"Barry O’Connell is the world’s most popular rug authority. He combines his writing with lecturing, consulting and the appraisals of rugs. This Senior Fellow of the Academy of Oriental Rugs has a remarkable and rich history in the rug industry which includes being an editor of two major rug publications. 
As well as being a contributing writer to the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia and lecturing on textiles since 2005, Barry also publishes two influential websites ( & and co-hosts the weekly RugLovers College program with Stephen “Dusty” Roberts."